Car Accident Claim for Personal Injury

If you are the driver of a motor vehicle involved in a non-fault accident then there are many ways in which DMA Law can help you with your claim for compensation.

We can assist with your personal injury claim and offer conditional fee agreements (often referred to as “no win, no fee” agreements). We will ensure you get and keep all the damages to which you are entitled.

To get you back on the road quicker, we can arrange a replacement vehicle for you if your car is undriveable or while it is being repaired.

To avoid paying your costly excess on your insurance, we can arrange repairs to your vehicle on a credit repair basis meaning your vehicle gets fixed and you’re not out of pocket.

We can also arrange early rehabilitation treatment to help get you back to full health as quickly as possible. The cost of this private treatment is recovered from the at-fault driver’s insurers.

Contact Ian at or call our Durham office to find out in more detail if you have a claim and how we can assist you. Alternatively watch the video below to find out what we can do to help.

Wanstalls Personal Injury Solicitors Durham – Why call a Solicitor before your Insurance Company from Ian Wanstall on Vimeo.