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You’ve never been so popular!

I was recently contacted by a friend to say that he had been in a non-fault motorbike accident the previous day and would I deal with his claim.

Over the next few days my friend and I spoke often as he was getting lots of phone calls and even texts all of which were aimed at getting hold of his personal injury claim. He had never been so popular!

Not surprisingly his own insurers wanted to refer his claim to their own solicitors.

My friend contacted a certain well known motoring organisation of which he is a member. As it was not a break down but an accident they would only agree to recover his motorcycle if he agreed to be referred to their “accident management unit”. He was somewhat aggrieved at this as he was at the side of the road bleeding so had no choice but to agree to the referral of his claim to the accident management unit.

As soon as the accident was reported by the at fault driver his insurers were also in contact with my friend wanting to know if he had been injured and could they assist by referring his claim to their solicitors.

By coming to me first and so soon after his accident my client had a distinct advantage. He was able to tell all of those who wanted to deal with his claim that he already had a solicitor and there is no easier way to get rid of all those offering “help”. He was also able to call me each time he was contacted by a different body for advice as to what to do.

I was able to contact the other driver’s insurers straight away and arrange for them to organise the repairs to my friend’s motorcycle at the repairers of his choice. I was also able to sort out the paperwork for his claim quickly and put the claim onto the electronic system for dealing with road traffic accidents. In this way his choice of solicitor was protected as the other side have confirmation that Wanstalls Solicitors are dealing with the claim.

So why were so many people keen to help? The reason is that unfortunately my friend was injured in the accident and each of the parties involved wanted to sell his claim to their own solicitors.

The moral of this story is that if you want to exercise your right to choose your own solicitor the best thing to do is contact your chosen solicitor as soon as possible after your accident.

If your choice is Wanstalls then we can guide you through the bewildering number of approaches that you will get following the accident and help you through the claims process. Not only will we deal with your personal injury claim but we will help to ensure that your damaged vehicle is dealt with as quickly as possible and in the best way for you.

I should emphasise that although my friend and I have known each other for over 30 years the help and service that he has had is no different to the service we give to all our client’s. You don’t have to be an existing friend to instruct Wanstalls but we certainly hope you will feel as if you have a friend in your corner.

Ian Wanstall

Wanstalls Solicitors are based in County Durham in the North East of England. We represent clients both locally and nationwide and offer a friendly personalised service. If you would like to discuss any aspect of a personal injury claim, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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