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A Visit to Krazy Horse Bike Shop

On a recent visit to Suffolk I went to the premises of Krazy Horse which the bikers amongst you will know is a custom bike company in Bury St Edmunds.

I remember when Krazy Horse had a rather small cramped shop in Bury St Edmunds. More recently they have moved to a new location on an industrial estate which gives them spacious premises that they use to good effect to display their wares.

The Krazy Horse show room can only be described as an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful custom Harleys with great custom paint by another local firm Pageant. There is everything from classic bobbers to more radical customs including a lovely café racer style bike with a sportster engine and what looks very like a feather bed frame.

There are even vehicles for those who don’t like custom Harleys (if in deed there are such people out there!). Krazy horse have a franchise for Morgan and along with the four wheel retro sports cars they have a number of modern versions of the4old Morgan three wheeler.

The three wheelers have two wheels at the front and one at the back with a V twin engine at the very front. No longer the JAP or other engine of old these have an S&S V twin on the front. They look great and I bet are very exciting to drive. My only concern, being someone carrying a little more weight then I should be, is how I would get into the cramped cock pit of one of these or perhaps more importantly get out again!

Something else that caught my attention were the new Indians. Whilst clearly modern bikes they capture the essence of the original Indians with their heavily valances mudguards and an engine that looks like an old side valve but presumably isn’t.

The other bikes that caught my eye were the new Nortons. Again a modern bike with a great balance of up to date technology with a retro look.

If you can drag yourself away from the bikes and cars on the ground floor upstairs is a branch of the ACE café along with clothing and accessories.

In the spacious showroom downstairs the office in the corner is an iconic American air Streem caravan.

All in all a great place to wander around wide eyed with something new and exciting everywhere you look. If you find yourself in East Anglia I would recommend giving Krazy Horse a visit.

Thinking of custom motorcycles reminds me of a conversation I had recently with Stan Crosby of Crosby Insurance Brokers. Crosby Insurance brokers are a very successful local company based in Newcastle and Sunderland but they sell insurance nationally through their excellent website.

What made me think of this company specifically is that amongst their other specialisms is insurance for all types of custom vehicles, bikes, trikes and cars. They also specialise in insurance for multiple motorcycles (for those lucky enough to have more than one!) and classic motorcycles. If you come into any of these categories it is worth checking out the products offered by Crosby Insurance brokers on their website at www.crosbyinsurance.co.uk.

Ian Wanstall

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