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The Wanstalls Philosophy

Welcome to the new website for Wanstalls Solicitors.

The philosophy of my firm is that not only should we provide
our client’s with a first class service but also that we are friendly and
approachable. We have designed this website to give you an insight into the
work that we carry out and I hope that you will find it interesting and

In addition to providing information about the work that we
do, I also thought that this blog would be a great place for us to inform our
clients about news, views and opinions happening in the industry today.

As you may well have heard, personal injury has been in the
news of late for many of the wrong reasons with the debate about referral fees
and the highlighting of fraudulent claims. Whatever the uncertainties regarding
the claims industry, this should not in any way discourage those with genuine
claims from approaching solicitors direct to deal with their claims.

Here at Wanstalls we believe that as someone who has
suffered a personal injury you are entitled to claim the compensation that you
deserve. We also believe in the personal touch and many of our clients are
gained through recommendations from previous clients and not through the
referral fee process.

The testimonials page of this website goes a long way to
show what our clients think of our service but we will also be using this blog
as a place to continually update on the success of the work that we carry out
for our clients.

You can also find information about Wanstalls Solicitors by
following us on Twitter, by “liking” us on Facebook or through our LinkedIn

Here at Wanstalls we would much prefer to discuss your claim
in detail rather than offering generic advice. So although the information
contained in this website can give you an overview of the services we offer,
why not pick up the phone and give us a call. Alternatively, request us to call
you by clicking here.

Ian Wanstall
Principal Solicitor

Wanstalls Solicitors are based in County Durham in the North East of England. We represent clients both locally and nationwide and offer a friendly personalised service. If you would like to discuss any aspect of a personal injury claim, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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