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The Personal Injuy world is changing

This is the first in a series of blogs dealing with the profound changes that are coming in to the world of personal injury claims.

The public are largely unaware of the changes that are coming but they are aimed at discouraging and to some extent preventing injured people from pursuing their right to compensation for their injuries.

You won’t see much if anything about these changes in the media as they are technical and difficult to explain so do not make good “copy”. Also, those who already have claims will not be affected and no one thinks they are going to be in the position of having to make a claim until it happens!

The technical changes that come into force next April are the culmination of many years of hard lobbying and propaganda by the insurance industry who have managed to convince successive governments that steps should be taken to reduce the number of claims being brought by those who are injured through no fault of their own.

You may have been aware of the initial success of the insurance industry’s lobbying in that they managed to convince the government of the day that we had developed a “claims culture” in this country that was unhealthy. Although there was a lot of talk of the development of a “claims culture” with lots of comparisons to the United States the research that was carried out showed, as all personal injury lawyers knew anyway, that there was no such “claims culture” in this country.

As the propaganda has not worked in discouraging people from exercising their right to claim compensation for their injuries, then the next step is legislation.

The difficulty in explaining the forthcoming legislation is that it is first necessary to understand how the system operates now in order to understand the impact of the changes. For this reason I will explain each of the changes in terms of how things operate now and how this will change after the changes are introduced.

Look out for the future blogs on this subject as I feel it is important that the public understand the nature of the changes and how they will affect their access to justice in the future.

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