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Claims Culture? What Claims Culture?

Over the many years that I have been a specialist personal injury claims solicitor I have lost track of the number of times I have been asked “are we becoming more like America where the first thought anyone has is can I make a claim”.

I have never practised in America but it seems to be a commonly held view that America is a very litigious society where people are very willing to pursue a claim however bizarre the circumstance of their accident.

In recent years the insurance industry and I am afraid successive governments have tried to persuade the British public that we have a claims culture in this country and that this is a bad thing.

I was reading a very interesting article in the Law Society Gazette recently which indicated that research shows that only about 25% of people who could make a claim for personal injury damages actually do so.

The article bears out what I have always known to be the case and that is that we do not have a claims culture in this country. The statistics show that 75% of people injured by the fault of someone else never claim and therefore do not receive compensation.

It is in the insurance industries interests to persuade the British public that they are in some way doing something wrong when they make a claim. It is very regrettable that for whatever reason successive governments in this country have taken up the propaganda on behalf of the insurance industry.

When a person makes a claim for damages for injuries they have suffered through the fault of someone else they are simply exercising their rights under the law. In no other area of life would it be considered legitimate to discourage people from exercising their legal rights by making them feel that to do so is in some way wrong.

I personally cannot see why when a person has suffered injury through the fault of someone else they should not pursue a claim for compensation as is their right.

If you agree with me and have been injured in an accident or believe you are suffering from a physical problem caused by your employment give me a call on 0191 375 3938 to discuss your possible claim. Advice is free and you don’t have to go ahead with a claim if you decide not too.

Ian wanstall

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