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Car and Bike Claims – Always looking to do more!

Here at DMA Law we are always looking for ways to do more to help our client’s.

We currently handle a large number of claims for client’s involved in accidents in cars and on motorcycles. Whilst a personal injury claim is one aspect of being involved in an accident often the first concern that our clients have is how to deal with the damage to their car or motorbike.

In an effort to provide the fullest possible service to our clients we have set up an accident management scheme to deal with the damage to our clients vehicles.

Very often the first thing that people do having been involved in an accident is to ring their own insurers even when the accident wasn’t their fault.

When the accident wasn’t your fault ringing your own insurers is not necessarily the best solution to dealing with the repairs to your vehicle.

Our accident management scheme enables us to arrange the repairs to your car or motorbike with the cost of the repair being recovered directly from the other parties insurers. This means that you will not have to pay the excess on your insurance as you would have to do if you went to your own insurers even when the accident wasn’t your fault.

As part of the scheme we can arrange for your car or motorbike to be taken away and assessed. The repairs can then be arranged for you and a replacement vehicle provided while your car or motorbike is being repaired.

The replacement vehicle will be of the same size and type as your own and not just the smallest type of car that is often provided by the repairers instructed by your own insurers.

We describe our accident management scheme as providing the three R’s:-

  • Recovery
  • Repair
  • Replacement

So that we can help you the most in the aftermath of an accident give DMA a call before your insurers on 0191 375 3938 and we’ll give you all the advice and assistance you need.

Being involved in an accident can not only be painful but can also be very inconvenient. We can’t take away the pain but we can certainly minimise the inconvenience for you!

Ian Wanstall

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